Miyamori Keiko — Surfaces of Time
(Web exhibition / By appointment only)

Sep. 25 [Fri.] ― Oct. 17 [Sat.] 2020 11:00-19:00
*Visiting hours by appointment are 11:00-19:00
Gallery closed on Sunday, Monday, and national holidays.

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Gallery Talk Part 2 - MIYAMORI Keiko / KOIZUMI Shinya (Japanese only)

Gallery Talk Part 1 - MIYAMORI Keiko / KOIZUMI Shinya (Japanese only)

Exhibited works and gallery view

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 Miyamori uses natural materials like handmade washi paper and charcoal to create tree rubbings (copying the texture of the bark onto the paper with charcoal), which she uses to wrap natural and manmade objects; she also uses transparent resin to encase natural objects and her own works. She currently has an atelier in New York, and travels between there and Japan while creating paintings, sculptures, and installations.

For this exhibition, Miyamori will create rubbings from trees around the gallery in Komagome, like those at Komagome Fuji Shrine and the Toyo Bunko Museum. She will use the gallery building as part of an installation made by layering the local rubbins.

Miyamori will hold a remote gallery talk which will be posted on our YouTube channel.

MIYAMORI Keiko (b. 1964)
1964 Born in Yokohama, Japan. Master of Fine Arts, University of Tsukuba, Japan(1995) . Recipient of the Miki Tamon Award (1994); attended graduate program at University of Pennsylvania through the Ministry of Culture's Overseas Study Program for Artists (1998). From 2000, produced art while based in Philadelphia, then New York from 2011. Recipient of the TAMON Award at the 6th Kashiwa City Culture Forum 104 Award Exhibtion (1995), Grand Prize at the 16th Imadate Works on Paper - Contemporary Art Exhibition (1997), Leeway Foundation Window of Opportunity Award (2003), The Meijer Sculpture Competetion Grand Prize (2004), Leeway Foundation Transformation Award (2008), Center For Emerging Visual Artists Travel Grant (2009), The Independence Foundation Fellowships in the Arts Award (2010), Asahi Shimbun Foundation Fellowship (2018).

Major exhibitions include The Vision of Contemporary Art '97, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan(1997), Art Expansion + Sign ’97, Tsukuba Museum, Ibaraki, Japan(1997), PD (Distribution) x Earth, Kasumi Tsukuba Center, Ibaraki, Japan(1998). With Philadelphia, New York, and Pittsburgh as her base, she participated in many exhibitions in Japan, Germany, and Korea. Her works range from paintings and sculptures to large size installations, and she is currently active between Japan and the US. She creates works using materials like Japanese paper and charcoal, juxtaposing nature and manmade objects from different times and places, bringing attention to the connection between individual and whole.

Gallery view