Nakamura Megu Exhibition
Through Wanderance, End of Diligence

Apr. 15 [Fri.] ― Apr. 24 [Sun.] 2022 11:00-19:00
Gallery open every day of exhibition.

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This will be Nakamura Megu's first solo exhibition at Toki-no-Wasuremono following the group exhibition "Tricolore 2019 - Nakamura Megu・Ozaki Shimpey・Tanikawa Kirico" in 2019. She creates objets in Kyoto such as works of twisted toilet paper and graph paper sewn with thread. Making of a work begins as if artist is playing within her hands with methods familiar in daily life such as weaving, folding, twisting and sewing. Works with mysterious shapes and detailed weavings have soft atmosphere and relax their surroundings.
The artist will be at the gallery on April 15 (Fri), 17 (Sun), 23 (Sat), and (24). The schedule is liable to change so please check our homepage to confirm the date of your visit.

I make a variety of large and small sculptures out of materials like paper and fiber.
When a material sparks my interest, I examine it by taking it into my hands to feel, or holding it up to the light. My technique begins like play and usually involves daily, familiar methods like weaving, folding, twisting, and sewing.
I move my hands and look forward to the strange little shapes and colors that bubble up from the simple acts of accumulation and repetition.
I want to see "Hmm"s and "Huhs", "Nice.."s and "Why?"s come out naturally.
When the fruit of color and shape is plopped down without any special concern for expressing something, or making you think, the space expands and relaxes. I think it would be nice if my works could do something like that. I work diligently through the winter while looking forward to spring.

Born in 1985. Based in Kyoto. Finished Kyoto City University of the Arts Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Sculpture Graduate School in 2011. Main exhibitions include "Shi" @ AGC Villa Kyoto (AGC Villa Kyoto, 2021, Kyoto), HOME PARTY 06 - Butterflies and Flowers (Chiyahoya) - (Mizunoki Museum, 2020, Kyoto), Tricolore 2019 - Nakamura Megu, Ozaki Shinpey, Tanikawa Kiriko Exhibition (Gallery Toki no Wasuremono, 2019, Tokyo), solo exhibition Sate (gallery morning kyoto, 2019, Kyoto), ART OSAKA 2019 (Hotel Granvia Osaka, Osaka), solo exhibition Showcase Gallery 2018-2019 (Yokohama Civic Center Gallery Azamino Entrance Lobby, 2018, Kanagawa), Seiryu no Kyni Gifu Culture Festival Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017 (Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art, 2017, Gifu, Award), solo exhibition Meimei no Kasanari (Art Space Niji, 2017, Kyoto), Art Court Frontier 2014 #12 (Art Court Gallery, 2014, Osaka), Genbi Dokodemo Kikaku Koshu 2011 Exhibition (Hiroshima City Museum of Modern Art, 2011, Hiroshima, Panelists Award), others. Has held a number of workshops.

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