Born in Tokyo. While a student at Tokyo University of the Arts Department of Sculpture in 1959, entered the Shinseisaku Association Exhibition for the first time, and in 1964 became a member. Established the Artists in Their 20s Group with Isamu WAKABAYASHI and Jiro TAKAMATSU in 1960. Held his first individual exhibition, "Closed Metal" in 1963 (Suruga Gallery), and in the same year was awarded the Ube City Outdoor Sculpture Museum Award at the first National Outdoor Sculpture Concours. Known for his abstract sculptures with mirror-like surfaces made from stainless steel and metals, ODA has made a number of outdoor sculptures.

Encouraged by Teijiro KUBO, ODA began to seriously make hanga prints from around 1966. Using a unique printing method called metal leaf print, he exhibited at exhibitions like the 7th Tokyo International Hanga Biennale. In 1983 the Kanagawa Prefectural Modern Art Museum held the exhibition "Jo ODA ・ Sculpture and Hanga".


"Dream in a snowy world

Metal leaf print  
Image size: 28.8×21.6cm
Sheet size: 39.3×34.0cm




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