"An Incidental Story on the Day of a Solar Eclipse #1, #2, #3"
"An Incidental Story on the Night of a Lunar Eclipse #1, #2, #3"

Set of 6 volumes
Comes with attache case
Case size: 27.0×38.0×7.0cm
Signed and numbered

Please contact the gallery for the price.
Like the title, this work has a long history. It began when I was invited to participate in “Book Object Exhibition” at Galerie und Edition Hundertmark in 1994, and I made 3 handwritten books locked away with keys. Afterwards, as the story underwent revision after revision, it was exhibited as a flat work at Galerie J & J Donguy in Paris, became a performance that included narration and environmental sounds, and had its first serious performance as chamber music with soprano and piano as a part of the 1997 Kobe International Contemporary Music Festival as “An Incidental Story on the Day of a Solar Eclipse #1, #2, #3.
As to why this story is “incidental” - at the same time of the solar eclipse, a certain pianist began to play Bach’s Partita. If she played Prelude, the story was made using many words which began with P. Likewise, when she proceeded to Armand, the story was woven with many words starting with A. If P, there are many words that begin with P, so based on the choice, the story could change completely. The tale described here is an actualization of the random words I chose at the time based on my imagination and taste. This contains the flow of three layers of time - the celestial events of a solar and lunar eclipse, the musical time of the partita, and the various events that occur at an undefined place.

When the “6 Japanese Artists” exhibition was opened at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in 2008, I put together these 6 stories with 1 photo of a grand piano that I made enlarged and shrunken copies of, cut and pasted, and parts of a score, to make a kind of picture book which visitors could read. The 6 volumes of this collection in its attache case are an edited version of the original drafts in an edition of 6 in clear file books. (Text by SHIOMI Mieko)

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