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Toki no Wasuremono edition
Booklet with silk screen prints
"Hommage a Man RAY"
(DVD attached)

Ed.25 (Numbered and signed)
∗ Each editions have unique drawing by Aiko MIYAWAKI and are all hand made.
Published by Toki no Wasuremono
Orihon (Folded style), 15 pages on each sides.
Size: 18.0x14.5cm

· Signed original drawing by Aiko MIYAWAKI
· 13 highly-selected silk screen prints made from Aiko MIYAWAKI's drawings between 1959 to 2010
(Silk screen printed by Ryouichi Ishida)
· Affixed color photograph "Man RAY and Aiko MIYAWAKI at the atelier" (Photographed by Arata ISOZAKI)
· Affixed Works (printed) given to Aiko MIYAWAKI from Man RAY
· DVD (10mins) featuring the conversation with Man RAY and the interview with Aiko MIYAWAKI on "Utsurohi"

♦ This work was made for "Man RAY and Aiko MIYAWAKI" exhibition (28th Sep. - 16th Oct. 2010).
Inspired by Man RAY's "Revolving Doors (Folio with Blue Bread)", Aiko MIYAWAKi produced this work in collaboration with Man RAY. It follows the track of communication between Man RAY and Aiko MIYAWAKI.


Booklet with silk screen prints
"Hommage a Man RAY" (DVD attached)
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