Art Book Lounge Vol.1: "The Charm of Print Inserted Books"
March 9 Wed. - March 17 Sat. 2016
Also held at the same time:
MOON Seung-Keun Exhibition

Toki-no-Wasuremono is starting the new exhibition series "Art Book Lounge" under the supervision of Mr. Koji HAMADA, the director of Gallery CAUTION. It is scheduled to be held quaterly.

The exhibition's theme is aimed towards those who just started an art collection, and even those who are not interested in the field of art, as well as those core art fans. In the exhibition, along with works unique to Toki-no-Wasuremono (like those works by architects), we would also like to provide an oppotunity to have a better understanding of art thorough literatures rather than just looking at artworks. As a first exhibition in the seires, we present "Art Book Lounge Vol.1: The Charm of Print Inserted Books". In this exhibition, we are exhibiting art books with prints by artists such as Andy WARHOL, Jasper JOHNS, LEE U-Fan, MOON Seung-Keun, Ay-O, Shosuke OSAWA, Jonas MEKAS, Arata ISOZAKI, Sam FRANCIS, Francesco CLEMENTE, Paul KLEE, Shinro OTAKE and over 20 others.

Gendai Hanga Center, the predecessor of Toki-no-Wasuremono was the pioneer of print inserted literature in Japan, and I believe it to be the proud identity of the gallery. Through this exhibition we provide oppotunity for visitors to see the gallery's history along with reasonable price edition works for collection.

Kouji HAMADA (Art Book Lounge Curator / Gallery CAUTION Director)

MOON Seung-Keun Exhibition
10 print works are on display.

Born 1947 in Komatsu (Ishikawa Prefecture), Moon begun his artist activity in the late 1960s, mostly autodidact, in the Kansai area of Japan. He participated in the 21st Gutai group exhibition of 1968, and the 5th International Young Art Exhibition of 1969. Until then, he used the name of "Noboru Fujino," but changed it to "Moon Seung-Keun" in 1971. After the end of the Gutai group, Moon stayed active in and around Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe and participated in national and international group exhibitions. Between the 1970s, when the Mono-ha movement rose to popularity in Tokyo, and the Kansai New Wave of the 1980s, Moon worked in a variety of techniques that included oil painting, watercolors, print, three-dimensional objects, photography and video. He died from an inflammation of the gall-bladder in 1982. The Kyoto National Museum of Modern Art and the Chiba City Museum held the exhibition "Moon Seung-Keun and Tadashi Yagi: 1973-83" in 2007.

For prices and further details on works available, please contact us by email or through our inquiry form. Please make sure to state your name, title of a work and your contact details.

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