Past Exhibitions
27th Ei Q Exhibition
Jan. 08[Tues.]― Jan. 26[Sat.], 2019
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In March 2019, Gallery Toki-no-Wasuremono will make our debut at Art Basel HK with an Ei Q solo exhibition.

Before the works go to Hong Kong, we will exhibit them here at the gallery.

Ei Q worked with many mediums in his journey of "painting of light"; where he ultimately ended was with his personal style of oil painting that covered the panel in points and dots. At this exhibition we will have 17 works spanning Ei Q's career including the 1958 large scale 100 size "Ocean Prototype" and his photo dessins.

Ei Q
Ei Q, whose early work was done under his real name of Hideo Sugita, was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1911. At age 15, his criticism started appearing in the art magazines "Atelier" and "Mizue". Ei Q’s first collection of photo-dessins, was published in 1936 as "The Reason for Sleep" (Nemuri No Riyu). In 1937, he set up the art organization "Free Art Association" (Jiyu Bijutsu Kyokai). As to criticize the established public group and Japan art world, he set up "Democratic Artists Association" in 1951.

Ei Q had great influence among the young Japanese artists at that time such as Ay-O, Masuo IKEDA, Yukihisa ISOBE, On KAWARA, and Eikoh HOSOE. He challenged various medium such as oil paintings, photo-dessins, prints, and created a unique world of art. He died in 1960 at the age of 48.

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