HAGURI Takeshi New Works

Mar. 14 [Tue.] ― Mar. 25 [Sat.] 2023 11:00-19:00
Gallery open all days of exhibition

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We will display 10 works by the Nagoya based sculptor Haguri Takeshi, focusing on his newest additions. Following his largest work 'Otokogi' "Tamashii", a 2m25cm masterpiece exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo 2023, Haguri's protege Nagasaki Miki takes his powerful wood sculptures, from the enormous to the small 28 cm pieces, and applies her intricate hand painted details.

I use wood (camphor) to make sculptures.
I value the qualities of the wood and create my works while considering the shape and size, whether it is a single block or joint block carving

HAGURI Takeshi
Born 1957 in Nagoya, Japan. After graduating the Sculpture course at the Aichi University of the Arts in 1982, he moved on to a postgraduate course, graduating in 1984. Since then he has been sculpting mainly in wood, using aluminium for outdoor works.
Major solo exhibitions include Gallery Muramatsu (1996, 1998/Tokyo), Art Gallery C. SQUARE (2006/Nagoya), Andersen Park Children's Museum (2009/Chiba, Japan), Shizuoka Matsuzakaya (2013/Shizuoka), Toki-no-Wasuremono (2014, 2019/Tokyo), Art Miami (2019/Florida), and many others.
Group exhibitions include Kobe Figurative Sculpture Grand Prize Exhibition (1996/Kobe, Japan), Vogtland International Sculpture Symposium (2000/Germany), Fugaku Biennale (2001/Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Japan) and 16th Taro Okamoto Modern Art Prize Exhibition (2013/ Taro Okamoto Museum of Art, Japan).
Since 2014, he has exhibited at art fairs around the world with Gallery Toki-no-Wasuremono. Major art fairs include Art Osaka 2014, Art Nagoya 2014/2017/2020, Art Stage Singapore 2016/2017/2018, Art Taipei 2016/2018, Art Miami 2017/2018/2019, LA Art Show 2020, Art Fair Tokyo 2022, and others.
Domestically, his works are on display at Nisshinnishi High School (Aichi, Japan), Haruno Fureai Park (Shizuoka, Japan), Ijiramura Sports Park (Gifu, Japan), Nishiharu High School (Aichi, Japan), Saya Primary School (Aichi, Japan), Nagakute North Primary School (Aichi, Japan), and abroad in Erlbach FLUR (Germany).

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